Frequently Asked Questions For Parents

What are smart Books?

Smart books are technology-driven books that can help your child to develop mentally and physically. The USP of these books are that the activities provided are well-researched and based on the survey of Indian Education, and have the ability to make the child retain the most difficult things in a small span of time without much effort.

Why are they called technology-driven books?

The talking pen which has been manufactured to provide an ease to learn difficult words in one go. It’s the best to take it anywhere with you and offers you many advantages like – recording notes, recording voice and forth more that can help a child to revise or learn his notes during the exam time.

What is the price of smart books?

The entire set of smart book is available at an affordable price and feasible to carry anywhere.

What type of activities is given in the book?

There are all types of fun activities available till class 8th related to sports, art and culture, general knowledge, mathematics, science, coloring and forth more.

What is the estimate time when child will be seen progressiong?

It completely depends on the child and the process of reinforcement, yet we guarantee that within three months, you will see progress.