Child Development

The time passes instantly and we realizes that whilst looking at our toddlers turning into a grown up. It’s significant to bring this aspect in the limelight that while they are ageing, what are the values and ethics they have learnt throughout this time. Some factors will be discussed in this blog to show the right direction to the parents.

Three factors that can affect child’s development

1. Vicinity

The surroundings or neighborhood are completely interrelated with the child’s development. Whatever he learns or retains, it comes either form his parents or the near ones. Ensure that your child must not fall into any wrong company as this will derive his future. Parents must avoid fighting or usage of any abusive language in front of their child as it can retaliate in future which might be very surprising to experience.

2. Nutrition

Our body can be compared to a machine and it requires fuel to run often. Food we eat helps in building and repairing. Junk food can ruin the immunity system of the body that can further make it prone to deficiency and diseases. Excessive intake of food can make you obese. It becomes important to keep a check on what your child eats and how much it is enriched in nutrition.

3. Learning and Reinforcement

You must endeavor to involve your child in different activities which will be beneficiary to develop mentally, intellectually, emotionally, and socially. The reinforcement process of learning will solidify the lessons whilst broadening the level of his young mind. Smart books offers you different activities which can help you overcome the above three factors instantly and making your child intellectual and all-rounder.